Stop Paying For
A Timeshare That
You Are Unable To Use.

Our Process

Intake Form

Fill out our customized intake form so that we can create your file with all up-to-date pertinent information.

Welcome Call

We will call you to welcome you to the firm and this process.

FAQ's and Timeline

We know you have questions, and we do our best to address them from the beginning.

Cease and Desist Letter

We will issue the necessary letters pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act to protect your credit throughout your timeshare dispute.

Demand Letter

We will assess your matter, and all variables to determine how to get you the desired resolution.

Timeshare Legal Advice

One of our strongest services is offering you timeshare legal advice.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Stop Paying For A Timeshare You Are Unable To Use.

Stop paying for a
that you are unable to use

Stop the endless cycle of monthly payments and annual maintenance fees

Stop your children from inheriting your timeshare nightmare

Stop your timeshare obligation from hurting your credit score