Other Legal Services - California only

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is not something people are excited to do, but completing a will, trust or medical power of attorney allows you to sleep better at night. We can help you with these issues, and assist you with your wishes that relate to your timeshare ownership as well.

Criminal Defense

We fight for your liberty. We have represented people with arrests in California for over 25 years. We will stand with you in court and fight for your liberty whether it is a traffic matter, a misdemeanor or a felony.

Clean your record. Our experienced attorneys will petition for the dismissal of your case and clean your record (“expungement”) throughout California. We also handle probation violations, and petitions for early termination of probation.

Professional License Defense

If you have a professional license or certification in California we will assist you in getting your license, keeping your license, and getting your license back. Our team of attorneys have years of experience in drafting and filing applications, defending licenses, and petitioning for reinstatement of every kind of license.

Demand Letters

There are times when a strongly worded letter from an attorney is necessary to get the job done. Our legal team will discuss the facts of your matter with you and let the other party know what you need for a positive outcome.